Things to do for Fathers Day in London

Things to do for Fathers Day in London

Tuesday, 28 May 2024
Make Father’s Day unforgettable in the heart of London. Enjoy everything from thrilling outdoor activities and cultural gems to gourmet dining, all within easy reach of Imperial London Hotels in the neighbourhood of Bloomsbury. Whether your dad is a sports fan, a history enthusiast, or a foodie, you're perfectly placed to explore the best Father’s Day activities London has to offer.


This Father's Day, give your dad the gift of quality time together by exploring the vibrant and historic city of London. London's rich cultural offering makes it the perfect backdrop for a memorable Father's Day. Choose from a variety of tours based on what your dad enjoys. Whether he's interested in history, architecture, or simply enjoying a day out, London has something special for every type of Dad. 

Thames River Tour
Experience the beauty of London from a new perspective with a river tour along the Thames. Glide past iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben and enjoy the stunning skyline with your dad or a father figure in your life. It's an ideal way to create lasting memories and bond over the breath-taking views of the city. With its stunning skyline, it's a perfect spot to enjoy each other's company.

The Shard Experience
If your dad loves architecture and great views, the Shard is a top pick. As London's tallest building, the Shard offers spectacular views from its observation deck. Gaze out over the city and spot famous landmarks like Tower Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral. It's a perfect setting to share stories and enjoy each other's company.

Historical Tours
For history buffs, consider a guided tour of the Tower of London, where you can explore its storied past and royal heritage. These tours provide a fascinating insight into London's history, making them perfect for dads who love to learn. 

Artistic Adventures
If your dad is an art lover, a guided visit to the Tate Modern or the National Gallery could be the highlight of his day. These tours offer a deep dive into the world of art, featuring works from renowned artists and providing a stimulating experience for the culturally inclined.


This Father's Day, why not try something different? 

Outdoor cinemas have gained huge popularity, offering a delightful blend of film entertainment, fresh air, and breath-taking views. It's the perfect way to combine a love of movies with the joy of being outdoors, making it an unforgettable Father's Day experience. London boasts a variety of outdoor cinemas, each offering its own unique charm and selection of films. From timeless classics to the latest blockbusters, there’s something to suit every dad's taste. 

Here are some of the top outdoor cinema locations in London:

The Luna Cinema
Experience cinema in stunning settings such as Westminster Abbey and Kew Gardens. The Luna Cinema is celebrated for its incredible locations and atmosphere, making each film screening a spectacular event.

The Rooftop Film Club
Take your movie-watching experience to new heights with the Rooftop Film Club. Enjoy a selection of films on rooftops across London, from Shoreditch to Peckham, and indulge in panoramic views of the city skyline.

Backyard Cinema
Known for transforming ordinary locations into magical movie settings, Backyard Cinema offers an immersive experience. From the Enchanted Forest at Winterville to other creative venues, they turn every screening into a unique adventure.

Tips for the Perfect Evening

Arrive Early: To secure the best spot, make sure to arrive early. Bring a blanket and some comfortable seating to enhance your experience.
Pack Snacks: Enhance the movie with your dad’s favourite snacks or choose from the variety of food and drink options often available on-site.
Dress Appropriately: Evenings can be cool, so dress in layers and bring some cosy options just in case.

After enjoying the outdoor cinema, why not continue the enchantment by staying at the Morton Hotel, beautifully located in the literary heart of Bloomsbury? Relax in the charming atmosphere of our Library Bar, where you can unwind by the original feature fireplaces and enjoy your favourite drink, or browse through our collection of local guidebooks to plan your next adventure in the city.

A father and his adult son smiling at each other while enjoying an alcoholic beverage in an outdoor setting in London, sharing a joyful and relaxed moment together.


Is your dad a big fan of beer? This Father's Day, why not treat him to an exciting brewery tour or a delightful beer tasting session in London? The city is renowned for its vibrant craft beer scene, with an abundance of local breweries that offer a chance to explore and sample innovative British brews. You’ll learn what goes into brewing beer, from picking ingredients to the final stages. 

The best part? You could meet the experts who make the beer and listen to their stories. As you venture through these tours, you’ll have the opportunity to taste an array of distinct craft beers. London's beer palette is incredibly diverse, featuring everything from bold, hoppy IPAs to rich, creamy stouts. This experience is not just about tasting; it's about discovering the stories and techniques behind each brew.
Wondering where to go?

London offers a selection of top-notch craft breweries, each with its own character and line-up of exceptional beers:

The Kernel Brewery
Located in the heart of Bermondsey, this brewery is a staple in the London craft beer community. Known for its eclectic range of beers, The Kernel offers robust, flavourful brews that push the boundaries of traditional beer styles.

Beavertown Brewery
Famous for its creative artwork and innovative beer flavours, Beavertown is a must-visit for those who love a vibrant atmosphere paired with equally lively beers.

Camden Town Brewery
With its approachable and delicious range of beers, Camden Town Brewery is perfect for both beer aficionados and those new to craft beer.

Bermondsey Beer Mile
Enhance your beer-tasting journey by exploring this famous stretch, which is home to several breweries, including The Kernel. It's an ideal place to delve into London's beer culture and try a variety of brews in a single trip.

After exploring the breweries, complete your London experience at the London Pub at the Royal National Hotel, where the traditional fish & chips are a must-try. Our selection of beers and ales complements your meal perfectly, with friendly staff ready to pour the ideal pint to match your fish & chips.  

A view from behind a speaker on stage, looking out over a crowded auditorium, with the speaker holding a microphone and the audience in attentive focus.


Surprise your dad with tickets to a comedy show on Father's Day. London's vibrant comedy scene offers many options, ensuring you can find the perfect show to make his day special. A great place to start is The Comedy Store, where tickets start at just £20 and the atmosphere is always buzzing with humour and excitement.

Beyond comedy, London's live performance scene offers a wealth of options, including theatre, music, and dance. With such a diverse array of shows available, especially in the West End, you're sure to find something that resonates with your dad's personal tastes. Whether he's a fan of sharp wit, dramatic performances, or live concerts, there’s something in London that he will love.

To truly personalise the experience, consider your dad's favourite comedians, actors, or bands. Attending a live performance by one of his favourites can be a thrilling experience. Or, you might pick something new to surprise him like the Faulty Towers Dining Experience at the President Hotel. 

This immersive dining performance includes characters such as Basil serving you your meal whilst Sybil makes the crowd laugh. Ticket holders are also entitled to a discounted stay at President Hotel. This immersive dining performance includes characters such as Basil serving you your meal whilst Sybil makes the crowd laugh. Ticket holders are also entitled to a discounted stay at President Hotel. 

To make the most of this special day, book your tickets early to secure the best seats at a great price. It’s the perfect way to say thank you and spend quality time with your dad, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Michelin-starred restaurants are a must-visit for a special dining treat, celebrated for their exceptional food and creativity. At these esteemed venues, world-class chefs create the dishes for a food experience like no other.

For a truly special Father's Day, consider visiting one of London’s top Michelin-starred dining spots:

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea 
Helmed by the renowned chef, this three-star Michelin restaurant is a testament to culinary excellence. Here, seasonal dishes are prepared to perfection, meeting the highest standards of taste and presentation.

The Cinnamon Club in Old Westminster Library 
This Michelin-starred modern Indian restaurant stands out for its innovative cuisine. Set in the historic Old Westminster Library, The Cinnamon Club offers a unique blend of traditional flavours and contemporary techniques.

London is packed with many great food spots perfect for catering to all tastes. For a more relaxed yet equally memorable dining experience, visit the Atrium Bar & Restaurant, where your dad can enjoy jazz melodies with his favourite cocktail and bar snacks. If your dad loves nature, he might prefer the Botanica Restaurant at the Bedford Hotel, where the ambience matches the culinary delights and you can sit outside on the patio.

A father wearing sunglasses leads his family on a cycling trip along a river, with his family trailing behind him on their bikes, enjoying a day outdoors in London.


Celebrate Father's Day in London with your dad and the whole family by taking part in a range of family-friendly activities.
Outdoor Games and Green Spaces

Enjoy some fun and friendly competition with outdoor games in London's parks and green spaces. You can play classic favourites like football and frisbee, and take advantage of the lush surroundings in Bloomsbury, a neighbourhood known for its greenery right in the heart of central London. 

Stroll through Tavistock Square Gardens, Russell Square Gardens, and Coram's Fields, where you can spend quality time with your dad, share laughs, and create lasting memories. Enhance your visit by staying at our Tavistock Hotel, conveniently located just steps away from Tavistock Square Gardens. Our spacious family rooms provide the perfect home base for exploring the city with ease, thanks to proximity to three tube stations.

Stadium Tours for the Sports Enthusiast
For the sports-loving dad, a stadium tour makes for a perfect Father's Day activity. Explore iconic venues such as Wembley Stadium or Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the locker rooms, and walk through the players' tunnel, experiencing the thrill of standing where legends have played. 

Cultural Attractions and Heritage Sites
Dive into London’s rich culture and heritage by visiting top attractions. Explore world-renowned museums like the British Museum or the Natural History Museum, where fascinating exhibits await. You could also visit the Tate Modern for modern art masterpieces or marvel at the architectural splendour of St. Paul's Cathedral. London offers a wealth of cultural experiences that you and your dad can enjoy together, making this Father's Day both educational and memorable.


If you're looking for ways to celebrate Father's Day in London that won't cost too much, you're in the right place. Check out our "Bloomsbury on a Budget" guide for a variety of affordable activities that promise a fantastic time with your dad in one of London's most family-friendly neighbourhoods. There are plenty of cost-effective options that ensure you'll have a memorable celebration without overspending.

Here are some great ideas:

Treasure Hunts
Embark on an exciting treasure hunt across London. Solve puzzles, explore the city, and team up with your dad to find hidden treasures.

Strike up some fun at a local bowling alley. Compete to see who can knock down the most pins and enjoy some friendly rivalry with your dad.

Walking Tours
Discover London’s iconic sights on a walking tour. Learn interesting facts and make lasting memories as you explore the city's best spots with your dad.

Our City Sleeper Hotel serves as the perfect base for exploring the city without breaking the bank. Remember, Father's Day isn't about how much you spend. It's about showing your dad how much you care.

The wall behind the reception desk at the President Hotel, adorned with black and white framed images of The Beatles, creates a stylish and iconic backdrop.


Treat your dad to an unforgettable Father's Day staycation at the President Hotel, nestled in the vibrant heart of Bloomsbury. Enjoy the convenience of being next to Russell Square Gardens and just a short walk from cultural gems like the British Museum and relax in one of our comfortable rooms. Famously the former long-stay residence of the Beatles. With its showbiz charm and proximity to the West End theatres, the President Hotel offers the perfect London getaway for a truly special Father’s Day.

Whether you're enjoying a movie under the stars, exploring historic sites, or savouring a meal together, the city's vibrant atmosphere and the comfort of Imperial London Hotels create the perfect setting for memorable London Hotel stays. Book your stay now and give your dad the gift of an unforgettable Father’s Day experience in the heart of London.

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