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    Food & Beverage Assistant

    • Contract: Permanent - Full Time
    • Hours: 37.5 Hours Net Per Week
    • Salary: £311.63 Per Week
    • Closing date: Monday, 3rd February 2020
    • Location: 48-55 Tavistock Square
      Greater London
      WC1H 9EU
      United Kingdom

    The Role

    Food & Beverage Assistant

             Tavistock Hotel

    Who are we looking for?
    As our ideal Food & Beverage Assistant you will be able to demonstrate a excellent customer service, preferably have had some experience within a bar or restaurant environment and be committed to providing high quality services in food and beverages. You will also require:

    • Face to face customer service experience
    • Experience in cash handling (e.g tills or similar)

    Rewards & Benefits

    In return for your hard work as our Food & Beverage Assistant you will be entitled to a great range of benefits including:

    • Career Development through training and education opportunities
    • Free meals whilst on duty
    • Broad range of staff discounts
    • Employee Assistance Programme

    What will I be responsible for?

    Joining our team as Food & Beverage Assistant, you will be responsible for providing outstanding performance one of our key outlets. On a daily basis, this will involve:

    • Taking orders and serving guests
    • Attending to guest needs and informing guests on services offered in the outlet
    • Handling guest questions and feedback, escalating to Supervisor / Heads of Department if necessary
    • Preparing food from the menu, including panini, sandwiches, etc.
    • Cooking and preparation pastries and pizza.
    • Preparing and serving hot beverages and other barista duties
    • Undertaking ‘waiting at table’ service when required
    • Clearing and cleaning tables, stations or counters
    • Replenishing food and beverages at service areas
    • Removing used crockery, cutlery and glassware to kitchen
    • Undertaking cleaning activities as and when required, such as vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning down machines/workstations, polishing silverware, cleaning down kitchen etc.
    • Cash handling
    • Removing rubbish / emptying bins
    • Placing orders for kitchen stock
    • Opening and closing of premises.

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