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    Administration Assistant

    • Contract: Fixed Term Contract - Full Time
    • Hours: 37.5 Net Per Week
    • Salary: £17,959.50 Per Annum
    • Closing date: Tuesday, 4th February 2020
    • Location: 61-66 Russell Square
      Greater London
      WC1B 5BB
      United Kingdom

    The Role

    Do you have proven experience working within a fast-paced environment? We are looking for an enthusiastic administrator to join our Meetings, Events & Restaurants department full time!

    As our ideal Administration Assistant, you will be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of customer service and some experience within a similar role. You will also require experience / knowledge of:

    • Data Entry
    • General administration duties
    • Ability to multi-task
    • Rota management
    • Working in a fast-paced environment

    What will I be responsible for?

    • Provide administration for the Department for a broad range of duties, including (but not limited to) rota management, processing payroll, imputing holiday, absences and rotas onto the system
    • Support Head of Meetings, Events & Restaurants Operations with ad hoc duties relating to operational Meetings, Events & Restaurants staff.
    • Manage, monitor and coordinate bank employees in partnership with Head of M,E&R Operations and/or other operational supervisors
    • Assist with calculating and submitting payroll for the Department (including bank employees)
    • Answer telephone, take messages and deal with queries from internal and external customers
    • Manage office procedures, including stationary and supplies
    • Manage office filing and archiving
    • Note taking at meetings (as and when required)
    • Maintain a good knowledge of the Meetings, Events & Restaurants products and services
    • Assist with weekly and monthly reports e.g. occupancy, staffing, payroll.
    • Attend internal meetings and training as required.
    • Produce M&E reports and maintain bank staff database
    • Meet & liaise with Operation Supervisors/Teams within the group Deliver collect information/ paperwork

    Rewards & Benefits

    • Free lunch on duty
    • Staff discounts
    • Training and Development opportunities
    • Employee Assistance Programme


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