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    Deputy Head Housekeeper

    • Contract: Permanent - Full Time
    • Hours: 35 Net
    • Salary: £430.85 PW
    • Closing date: Monday, 30th September 2019
    • Location: 38-51 Bedford Way
      Greater London
      WC1H 0DG
      United Kingdom

    The Role

    Deputy Head of Housekeeping

    Royal National Hotel

    Keen to find work in one of central London’s most beautiful and intriguing areas? Enthused by the idea working within one of our seven unique hotels? If so the read on.

    Who are we looking for?
    As our ideal Deputy Head of Housekeeping, you will have the following skills and experience:

    •  Proven experience in Housekeeping Management
    • 2/3 years’ experience working in a similar working environment
    • Excellent written and spoken English

    What will I be responsible for?

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Assist the Head of Housekeeping with all aspects of running the department from training and development, to rotas and budgeting.

    • Allocate daily cleaning duties, issue keys, linen, cleaning materials, and inspect rooms to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned

    • Liaise closely with Reception to ensure the correct and most efficient allocation of rooms takes place.

    • To ensure the hotel bedrooms and public areas are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness, in line with Company standards. 

    • To ensure that all public areas are clean and welcoming to guests at all times. 

    • To ensure all standard checklists are implemented, used as prescribed and are achieved in all areas. 

    • To ensure the cleanliness and checking of guests’ accommodation is carried out efficiently and that it is clean according to the Company brand standards. 

    • To report any maintenance faults and follow up to ensure that the faults are rectified. 

    • To implement and maintain an effective and secure guest property lost/found system.

    Leadership and Management Responsibilities:

    • Assist with managing departmental recruitment and retention planning and activity according to budget/manpower planning levels.

    • Assist with overseeing Housekeepers responsibilities and making sure they adhere to their duties through spot checks. 

    • Overseeing stock takes, budgets and other paperwork, such as maintenance reports and safety audits 

    • To supervise, train and motivate team to achieve Company Standards, and also to comply with relevant legislation. 

    • Demonstrate management, leadership, good communication and strong organisational skills.

    • Regular reviews leading to improvement and effectively delegate tasks to housekeepers.

    • Motivate and inspire the team to perform and ensure goals are achieved.

    Rewards& Benefits 

    • 28 Days Holiday
    • Staff discounts
    • Training and Development opportunities
    • Employee Assistance Programme
    • Free meals on duty

    If you feel you have the skills and experience required to excel in the role of Deputy Head of Housekeeping, please click APPLY below to register your interest!

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