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    ICT Technician

    • Contract: Permanent - Full Time
    • Hours: 37.5 Hours Net
    • Salary: £28,000
    • Closing date: Sunday, 30th June 2019
    • Location: 38-51 Bedford Way
      Greater London
      WC1H 0DG
      United Kingdom

    The Role

    ICT Technician

    Full Time, Permanent


    An opportunity has arisen for an ICT Technician to join Imperial London Hotels, providing first line and second line support across the group.

    Suitable candidates should be customer focused and experienced ICT support professional and would have experience in:

    • Supporting the ICT support team on day-to-day basis to ensure provision of high quality, end-to-end 1st & 2nd line support with all technical and operational ICT & data management systems
    • Responsible for personal provision of high quality end-to-end professional, technical support and input to all areas of the Company to ensure ICT & other data management systems are fully operational & current
    • Supporting ICT support team to provide of high-quality customer service internal customers ensuring customer needs and requirements are fully established, faults diagnosed, and issues resolved in a timely, professional manner, escalating to Head of Department when necessary.
    • Maintaining ICT networks infrastructure including computer systems, telephone systems, security systems (e.g. CCTV), and all other data systems in conjunction with Head of Department and ICT support team
    • Maintaining critical ICT systems, software and hardware to ensure availability 24/7, 365 days a year in conjunction with Head of Department and ICT support team
    • Developing, install, implement, maintain and monitor all network security measures (e.g. firewall, web security, etc.) in conjunction with Head of Department and ICT support team
    • Assisting Head of Department with planning, implementation and management of ICT projects for all Company new builds, refurbishments and other building projects when required
    • Supporting Head of Department with supplier management and maintenance of external contracts
    • Providing timely information, advice and guidance on all aspects of ICT to the Company when required
    • Providing support with Company specific systems, including PMS, EPOS, S&C, MC, HR, and Payroll

    Benefits we will offer you:

    • Free staff meals
    • Discounted prices for family & friends to stay at our hotels
    • 28 days holiday entitlement (Including bank holidays)
    • Supported studies (T&C’s apply)

    …. Never ending benefits, to find out more about what we can offer you then apply!

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