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    Welcome to Blooms Pizza Café

    The most recent addition to the Royal National's courtyard of delights is Blooms Pizza Café. Despite temptations in every direction, the smell of stone-baked pizza has made Blooms a very popular place. But the spacious lounge, spread over two floors, always feels light and airy. It's a great place to watch the buzzing hub of our liveliest hotel.
    And there's more to Blooms than freshly made pizza. Open from early until late, come in for breakfast bagels, soups and salads, or a mid-afternoon sandwich. Everything on the menu is great value, as always. So bring friends, enjoy the free Wi-Fi, and don't forget to ask about our daily specials.

    Opening Hours

    7.30am - 10.30pm
    (Monday - Sunday)

    Hot food served until 10.00pm


    Please click here to view the food menu.
    Please click here to view the drinks menu.

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