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  • 15,000

    Square feet
    1350 sq meters

  • Central London

    Easy access by road, rail and underground

  • 30

    Meeting & event space across 5 hotels

  • 3,000+

    Rooms within the beautiful
    Bloomsbury area

  • 600

    Guests in one suite

  • 7

    Hotels in the heart of London

  • 11

    Restaurants and other facilities

  • Meetings & Events

Collectively, our hotels represent one of Europe's largest conference centres, with the space, facilities and flexibility to accommodate any meeting or event.

From a small roundtable discussion for six people, to a large conference attended by over 700 delegates, we can work with you to ensure you have everything you need to bring your event to the heart of London. For meetings, exhibitions, banquets, fundraisers, wedding receptions and trade fairs, the Imperial London Hotels can offer an unparalleled package of facilities in a spectacular location.

Superb transport links ensure our hotels are extremely easy to get to, whether you're coming from Hackney or Hungary. All seven are a short walk away from King's Cross Station, Euston Station and St Pancras International, for European connections. There's also a direct London Underground line between Heathrow Airport and Russell Square Station, which is on our doorstep. Four of our hotels also house large underground car parks.

Our hotels' Bloomsbury location is between the City of London, the Law Courts and the West End – all of which are within walking distance. The British Museum is just round the corner, University College London (and Hospital) just beyond, and Covent Garden, Soho, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square and London's world-famous 'Theatreland' are all also within easy walking distance.

We also have a wedding licence and love to accommodate weddings in our facilities. For more information on our wedding services, please contact us on 020 7692 3650.


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