Bloom and Willow at Bedford Hotel


Imperial London Hotels is committed to making sure that we regularly monitor and access our carbon footprint to try and significantly reduce our environmental impact through implementing green best-practices in all areas of our hotel including maintenance, operations, logistics, food & beverage, products, and supplies. 

Our key goal is to reduce waste, save energy and cut down on our water usage, year on year. Below are some of the initiatives that we have undertaken recently to try and reach our green goals. We work with suppliers that share our sustainability commitment and are continuing our efforts to phase out single use plastics. 

In-House Laundry 

Imperial London Hotels operates its own in-house laundry facility based in central London, ensuring that we have complete control over all our linen washing processes from start to finish. 

The quickening pace and effects of global climate change mean that it is more important than ever for us to pay attention to the conservation of vital resources such as water, gas, and electricity within our factory processes. 

That is why we have invested in some of the best machinery in the world, to ensure that we are forward thinking and leading the way for sustainability laundry processes within the hospitality industry saving a total of 15 million litres of water a year. Our efficient yet non-aggressive washing methods, combined with innovative state-of-the-art technology means that we save astronomic amounts of water and energy whilst also preserving the quality and lifespan of our linen. 

We have a passion for detail and our laundry team are experts in the field - highly skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring our towels and bed linen are handled with the utmost care. We provide premium quality, bright white, fresh and wrinkle free linen to all our seven central London Hotels. We understand the importance of comfort during our guests stay, and therefore the quality of our towels and linen is our top priority, to elevate the overall guest experience. 

All our linen is washed at 45 degrees using EU ecolabel certified products & detergents. We also operate a fleet of CNG vehicles for collection & deliveries to and from the hotels, using plastic free packaging. 

So, rest assured, not only will your linen be CLEAN, but it will also be GREEN. Giving you a contented night’s sleep, whilst benefiting the environment. 

Linen Reuse Programme 

Guests who are staying with us for more than one night are encouraged to re-use their towels as they would at home and support us on our mission to think green. To do this, we introduced reminder cards into all our bathrooms to prompt guests and let them know that they can choose to re-use their towels if they wish. A towel on the rail means ‘I will reuse it’ or a towel in the bath means ‘I would like fresh towels’. 

This initiative means that our guests can make an informed choice and this one small action can help in our efforts to save millions of gallons of water and energy every day, which is used in the process of washing towels that have only been used once.

Charging Pods & Electric Fleet

We have pod point rapid charging stations installed for electric vehicles at both our Royal National and President Hotel underground car parks. So, if our guests or employees are driving into London, they can rest assured that they can conveniently recharge on the premises.

To further support our sustainability goals, we have also recently upgraded our small fleet of hotel service vehicles to electric or hybrid vehicles, contributing to lower CO2 emissions and improved air quality in central London.

Hotel Recycling Programme

Imperial London Hotels currently recycles 00.00%* of all its hotel waste, including paper, cardboard, glass and food. We work together with London’s leading sustainable waste management company who send zero waste to landfill. Using state of the art equipment, they take the hotel’s mixed recyclables are sort them into 99% pure material, before being cleaned and processed into brand new products that can be sold and reused.

Our food waste is also sent to an anaerobic digestion facility, which offers an environmentally friendly alternative to landfills. This uses a natural process which allows microorganisms to break down organic matter, which is then converted into renewable energy and fertiliser. (checking with By Waters via monthly report)

Biodiversity in Bloomsbury
In 2019 Imperial London Hotels worked alongside the Commissioners of Russell Square to bring a new kind of hotel to Bloomsbury.

The insect hotel was the idea of a volunteer gardening group for the square. Also known as a bug hotel or insect house, the manmade structure consists of several different sections that provide insect and wildlife with nesting facilities, particularly during winter.To encourage biodiversity into our city we need to provide food, water, and a home for wildlife. In this bug hotel we focus on the bottom of the food chain, the all-important insects. Insects are essential for pollination, pest control and providing food for animals further up the food web like birds, bats, frogs, and hedgehogs. Green spaces are an essential and unique facility promoting recreation, play, wildlife, and biodiversity, for health, social well-being, and community cohesion particularly in the city.

The project brought the community, council, and neighbouring businesses together to provide an improved environment for flowers, birds, bugs and butterflies.

Solar Energy & Central Heating Recovery 
We have incorporated solar technology into our hotel infrastructure by installing solar panels on to the roof of our largest hotel, the Royal National. These solar panels generate electricity for use by the hotel and any unused or surplus solar electricity is exported to the national grid.

We have a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system which creates heat and electricity from one source in an environmentally sustainable way. It recovers excess heat which would otherwise be wasted and recycles it into thermal energy that can used for heating, cooling, or hot water.

This may sound complicated, but this basically powers the entire hotel and ensures that our guests never experience a cold shower, an uncomfortably hot room, or the inconvenience of an electricity blackout. This enhances our guest’s experience whilst dramatically reducing the hotel’s energy consumption.