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Impact Now

Working towards a better future for people and planet

It's in our nature to be looking after people. And for guests in our hotels, we've been doing it for nearly 200 years! Beyond this, we want to show our care for people in our communities and of course for our planet. We all deserve to live in a better world, and we have a shared responsibility to make a difference.

These are some of the things we are doing and projects we support:

Green Key Certification

Green Key are an internationally recognised eco-label who provide a framework for our establishments to work on sustainability management alongside rigorous documentation and on-site audits.

Carefree London Stays

By partnering with Carefree, we continue to welcome unpaid carers to London at President, Tavistock and Bedford Hotels for well-deserved breaks.

Oven Gloves Made with Love

Thanks to our partnership with Clean Conscience, a small town's craft group in Lithuania have been putting their sewing skills to good use with old curtain fabric from the Imperial Hotel...

Big Smiles in Sierra Leone

Imperial Hotel's former furniture now has a new home! Clean Conscience orchestrated shipment of the Imperial Hotel's former mirrors and mattresses to be received by a girls' boarding school in Sierra Leone.

Support for Hospitality Action

Giving back to the hospitality industry; our fundraising and events continue for our longstanding charity partner.

Happy Rainy Days

100% recycled plastic umbrellas are making a tree-mendous difference at Imperial London Hotels!

Buzzing Hospitality

We've sponsored a bug hotel in Russell Square Gardens, providing a safe hideaway for minibeasts, butterflies and insects in our leafy area of London.

We have further introduced:

  • Plant-based cleaning products across the Imperial London family. Our main supplier SURE, Diversey provides a product range which is 100% plant-based and biodegradable.
  • Outstanding water filtration systems by BRITA to reduce carbon emissions. Reusable and refillable glass water bottles are also provided in our event spaces, which cuts down on plastic waste.
  • Rainforest-friendly coffee served across our restaurants and bars. Every 7 cups of Puro coffee served at Imperial London Hotels helps save 1 metre squared of rainforest. 
  • Shower and tap optimisation systems which reduce our water usage by 60%.
  • Segregated bins across all sites help aid our recycling mission with Bywaters. 
  • Renewable energy sources from food waste. The biogas and composting process from our food waste helps to create energy for the national grid. This process further cuts down fossil fuel use and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Linen re-use. We encourage guests to re-use linen and towels during their stay to save water and energy. This also helps us preserve the quality and lifespan of our linen. 
  • Bike-friendly hotel stays. We encourage guests to cycle during their stay, an eco-friendlier mode of transport. Santander bike rental stations are accessible on Bedford Way and Coram Street.