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    Welcome to Coffee & Candy

    Fancy a little liquorice with your latte, or some marshmallows with your mocha?! Coffee and Candy unites, at long last, our two favourite things. Actually, our five favourite things if you count our delicious soups, sandwiches and cakes too!

    Every hotel needs a cosy café serving organic Fairtrade coffee alongside classic retro sweets. Ours are the only hotels that actually have one, though. We're an inviting little hideaway in the heart of London's greatest public square. Here, candy comes by the jar!

    Pop in for a quick lunch, or pull up a stool and browse our free Wi-Fi. And you can even grab a bag of pick 'n' mix to take with you on your travels around London!

    Opening Hours

    7.30am - 3.00pm
    (Monday - Friday)

    (Saturday and Sunday)

    Student Discounts

    20% discount for students with valid Student ID card.

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