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Poppadom Express

Tavistock Hotel

Poppadom Express invites you to sample an ever-changing selection of flavoursome home cooked curries and authentic side dishes. So, take a seat and get ready for a vibrant flavour journey through India.

Our passionate chefs have brought the flavours of the North Indian region to London, to delight our guests - from cool kormas, to aromatic tikka masalas and tangy jalfrezis. Experience a true taste of traditional Indian cuisine at Poppadom Express.

All our dishes are prepared daily using fresh ingredients and spices, served up with a contemporary spin and a touch of original flair.

We’ve got all the traditional staples and more waiting for you to discover on our all you can eat buffet, and our tightly guarded recipes will have you coming back for more.

From Chef Pradeep’s signature paneer butter masala, to our intensely rich house dhal, packed with warming turmeric, there are plenty of vegetarian options on the buffet too.
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